The Place of Forsyth County was founded in 1975 by four Dominican Nuns.   The sisters offered the residents assistance with financial needs, clothing, food and even tutoring children.  Throughout our 40 years, we have been the catalyst for several agencies that had their beginnings as programs at The Place.   Today we are serving the community with financial emergency assistance, clothing, food and many additional support services.  In August 2015 we started a workforce development initiative in conjunction with several local agencies to help the under employed and unemployed prepare for and secure jobs.  We also embraced an 8 year old service, Focus on Forsyth, which helps needy households through referrals from schools and senior center.  Through our services to the community we are changing lives in Forsyth County Georgia.

Joni Smith

Executive Director


Naomi Byrne

Youth Programs Coordinator


Ashley Carrol

Food Services Coordinator


Jerry Dupree

Focus on Forsyth Coordinator


Melina Holt

Outreach Coordinator


Sue Meyer

Volunteer Coordinator


Lynn Sennett

Workforce Development Coordinator


Jacob Granados

Director of Operations


Nina Swift

Financial Assistance Coordinator


Board Members

Bob Shanahan, President

Joni Berto, Past President

Robert Otwell, President Elect

Mary Beth Grenner, CPA, Treasurer

Judy Vitucci, Secretary

Julie Brennan

Wendy Goodrow

Jessica Holt

Dawn Hooper

Stephen Kight

Mike Komornik

Danny Migliorisi

Barbara Nesevich

Becky Powell

Mike Ziomek